How to treat textured skin

How to treat textured skin

We want to begin this post by stating that having some kind of texture to the skin is completely normal, so please don’t fret! Celebrities, models and influencers all have at least some texture on their skin and if it doesn’t look like it in photos or on Instagram- it’s probably been airbrushed!

What is textured skin?

In a nutshell, textured skin or uneven skin texture is skin that doesn’t look smooth. It may be present in the form of small bumps or dry flakes and it usually feels rough or bumpy to the touch.

Causes of textured skin

Textured skin is usually caused by an excess of dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin over time.

Dehydration, stress, pollution and sun damage are also among the other culprits that can cause skin to take on a textured appearance and feeling.

How to treat textured skin

If you’re wanting to achieve skin that looks and feels smooth, keep reading to discover our best products that work to treat textured skin.

Not only does this scrub contain jojoba beads which helps to physical exfoliate the skin, it is formulated with glycolic acid, which sloughs off dead skin, resulting in a complexion that’s more bright and even.

Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this gentle exfoliating lotion sweeps away dead skin cells and debris leaving behind flake-less, smooth skin.

If your texture is being caused by dehydration, a hyaluronic-packed serum will be your skin’s new bff. Like a big drink for the face, this serum delivers long-lasting hydration for a smooth and plump finish.

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Containing a cocktail of retexturising Vitamin C and salicylic acid, these pads will cleanse and refine the skin, leaving it looking bright and radiant.

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If you’re experiencing textured or uneven skin tone on your body, you’ll love this glycolic acid packed cream, that gently exfoliates rough skin while it hydrates.

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