Why You Should Be Using Natural Haircare Products

Why You Should Be Using Natural Haircare Products

Why You Should Be Using Natural Haircare Products

Natural haircare is on its way up, and despite common misconceptions, doesn’t mean you have to compromise professional quality. We’ve all been conditioned to think that the best shampoos, treatments and more are laden with unpronounceable ingredients only to be deciphered by a skilled hairdresser. Although salon quality brands are definitely the way to go, recent years have seen a push for organic ingredients and fewer nasties.

Keep on reading to discover exactly why your hair could benefit from natural haircare, and explore our recommendations for the best brands, many of which are organic, cruelty-free or vegan (or all three!).

What Constitutes ‘Natural’?

Unlike your average, supermarket formulas, natural haircare products are usually devoid of common ‘nasties’, such as parabens and sulphates. If your haircare education needs a little refresher, here’s a rundown of why parabens and sulphates are both incredibly detrimental for your hair.

Parabens – Parabens are used as preservatives in a lot of popular haircare and skincare products, including shampoo, conditioner, creams and lotions. However, they’re harmful to both the hair and scalp for a number of reasons. Not only can they affect the hydration and texture of your hair, but they can also create hormonal imbalances in the body due to their quick absorption rate. The bottom line is, stay away! Parabens can even be found in some processed versions of natural products (for instance, hair oils) so always keep an eye on that ingredients list.

Sulphates – You’ll know if your shampoo is packed with sulphates, as it’ll create that thick, foamy lather as you wash. Although they actually aren’t too dangerous if you have unprocessed, untouched locks, problems can occur when colour, keratin and dryness are thrown into the mix. Sulphates will strip the colour from your hair prematurely, and reverse the effects of keratin treatments. They’re also known to dry the hair right out, eliminating natural oils.

Instead of using these popular yet questionable additives, natural haircare products rely on ingredients derived from the environment, such as botanical oils and extracts. Shea, peppermint, argan — all of these common organic essentials can be found in quality natural haircare products.

Which Brands Should I Try?

Christophe Robin – Is the eponymous brainchild of a French stylist with over 30 years experience in the haircare industry. A self-dubbed ‘colourist and artisan’, Robin made his name by colouring the hair of famous clients including Australia’s own supermodel Elle Macpherson. The Christophe Robin range draws on the incredible powers of natural ingredients including antioxidant- rich prickly pear and hair strengthening sea minerals.

Davines – This salon-professional haircare brand has risen the ranks due to their natural formulations and their sustainable take on haircare. From product formulation and design, to company ethics and salon education, their tailored range ‘encourages people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work and of the things they love.’

De Lorenzo – Aussie-owned De Lorenzo are a longstanding family business with an emphasis on natural, botanical ingredients. Each of their products is cruelty-free and the majority are vegan, which makes them the perfect choice for ethical babes who don’t want to compromise their hair health.

milk_shake – The philosophy behind this Italian hair brand is simple- Use the power and beauty of natural products, which work as heavenly food for your hair, to get amazing looking, healthy hair for all occasions.

Noughty – The Noughty range was created with the help of a plant expert and beauty botanist who ensured that even though the products are packed with 97% natural ingredients, they’re still highly effective. Along with being cruelty free and vegan, Noughty products are affordably priced and free from nasties including, parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates.

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