Christmas shopping made simple, the best gifts for everyone on your list

Christmas shopping made simple, the best gifts for everyone on your list

We hate that we have to be the ones to remind you- but Christmas is coming.. in just over two weeks actually😱

Got a huge list of people to buy for and no idea where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the types of people that you’re bound to have on your list this year, and of course- the best gifts for each of them!

Your only two jobs are:

1. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone- we’d highly recommend you take a leaf out of Santa’s book and make a list before ensuring you check it twice!

2. Order all of your goodies before our cut off date (20th Dec) to ensure they arrive before Christmas.

Happy shopping x

Your beauty obsessed BFF-

Now she might be one of the easiest and most fun to shop for on your list- but there’s a high chance she’s already got a solid beauty routine in place. She’s probably also pretty specific when it comes to what she likes and what works for her too! We’d recommend something luxe for her body or hair to play it safe, unless you know her must-have products and want to re-stock them- in that case, go wild!

The relative that’s hosting Christmas lunch-

You can never go wrong with products that’ll help her pamper herself- we’re sure she’ll need it after the huge Christmas day she will have had! Think bath oils, candles or luxe body creams.

Your skincare stealing partner

You leave it in the shower.. he uses it… Treat him to his own skincare routine this Christmas and help yours last that little bit longer 😉

Your Kris Kringle-

Your work is holding a Secret Santa style gift swap. You have a $30 limit and know barely anything about the person you’re buying for (other than the fact she’s never been spotted in the office without a coffee)

The friend that has everything

We all know one of these people and if you’re anything like us- you’ll avoid buying for them until the very last minute. For the friend who has everything, you’ve just gotta be a little bit creative, think outside the box! if all else fails, we’re certain they wouldn’t be upset about receiving a backup of their favourite skin or haircare products!

Your cruelty-free Cousin

She’s in the know when it comes to the beauty industry and strictly only uses brands that are cruelty-free. Lucky for you (and her) we have a whopping amount of cruelty-free products- click here to discover them all.

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