Why L’Oréal Paris’ Matte Colour Ink is our new holy grail

It’s no secret that a great lip product holds the key to unlocking a head-turning makeup look. Unlike other complex and time-consuming steps in a makeup routine, (I’m looking at you Mr winged eyeliner) applying a bold lip colour can completely elevate a look in no time at all and with minimal effort required.

Not quite so simple though, is the quest to find a holy-grail lip product with a formula that ticks all of the important boxes – colour pay off, comfort and of course, longevity.

Last week we were lucky enough to trial L’Oréal Paris’ new launch, and let’s just say we well and truly believe that the search for the perfect lip product needs to be called off… Immediately!

It’s time to kiss chalky, matte lipsticks goodbye

L’Oreal Paris are renowned worldwide for their commitment to providing ground-breaking, high-quality products and their brand new Rouge Signature Matte Colour Ink is no exception. Created with the brand’s ultra-thin film technology, the innovative oil-and-water formula packs a huge punch in the pigment department, while providing a long-lasting finish and a comfortable, barely-there feel (tick, tick and tick!)

In fact, it’s almost like their Matte Colour Ink features a combo of the merits of multiple lip products we love – the smooth application of a gloss, the soft-matte finish of a lipstick, and the saturating endurance of a stain, all in one innovative formula.

Make a statement without saying a word

If it’s not obvious enough by now, the formula of Matte Colour Ink receives one giant tick of approval from Team Beauty at lookfantastic Australia. We’re also super impressed with the shade range, a striking spectrum of 12 colours.

Spanning from the almost-bare ‘I Empower’ to the show-stopping ‘I Am Worth ‘ – there’s a shade to suit every look with a name to suit every mood!


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