7 Essentials for Your Autumn Beauty Checklist

7 Essentials for Your Autumn Beauty Checklist

We’ve been excitedly awaiting autumn since the sticky, humid heat hit Australia way back in November. As much as we love the long summer days, they’re not exactly conducive to a foolproof beauty routine — makeup melts off, hair becomes untameable and oil control is a tough task.

7 Essentials for Your Autumn Beauty Checklist

Thankfully, March signals the beginning of the cooler months, and we’re incredibly excited. Autumn brings a need to make a few switch-ups in your beauty routine, whether that means transitioning to skincare for dry cold, hydrating your hair more or opting for bolder, darker makeup shades.

Keep on reading to discover the autumn beauty essentials everyone should have on their checklist.

1.An emollient moisturiser

Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream Autumn Beauty Moisturiser

You should be using moisturiser year-round no matter your skin type, but when the colder months hit, it’s time to step things up a notch. If you prefer a lightweight formula in summer, autumn is your chance to transition into something that feels a little richer on the skin, and has emollient (skin-smoothing) properties. Even if you have oily skin, your complexion can be dehydrated, so don’t skimp on this important step!

Our pick is the Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream, which is packed with botanical actives and essential fatty acids. It works to soothe the skin, meaning any dry or irritated patches will feel calmer upon application. It’s also ideal if you have mature skin, as it draws on peptide technology to smooth fine lines.

2. A dark lippie shade

Bite Beauty Lip Pencil Bramble Autumn Beauty

One must-have in your autumn beauty routine, at least when it comes to makeup, is a dark or bold lip shade. Where summer is all about the bright pops of colour, autumn is your excuse to take things in a vampier direction and wear those reds and berries that may be collecting dust in your drawers. If you don’t own the perfect autumn lipstick shade already, get out there and find ‘the one’ (or two, or three).

A stunning shade for any skin type is the Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Bramble. A deep berry with pink undertones, this lip pencil is creamy and pigmented and stays all day long.

3. A hydrating hair mask

evo the Great Hydrator Moisture Mask Autumn Beauty

Our hair can take quite the hit as the seasons change, with a whole host of unwanted effects coming out to play — think dry ends, an itchy scalp and a lacklustre appearance. Hair masks should be your first point of call to revitalise your locks, restoring nourishment and maintaining hair health. Whether you opt for a leave-in conditioner or a 10-minute miracle, your hair is bound to look and feel ten times better the next day.

The go-to product that’ll fix it all? Look no further than the evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask. Perfect for dry, dull or frizzy hair types, this mask will leave your hair smooth and shining. It’s ideal for tackling the frizzies and will make hair more manageable overall, helping you say goodbye to tangles this autumn.

4. A chemical exfoliant

PIXI Glow Tonic exfoliant Autumn Beauty

Dull, flaky skin is a typical side effect post-summer, so one of our autumn beauty non-negotiables is an exfoliant. You can still use your trusty face scrub, but we love chemical exfoliants for those transitional months, as they’re gentler and don’t leave the skin red or irritated. Simply swipe a little of your favourite AHA-enriched formula over the skin before bed time to encourage quick skin cell turnover and a radiant complexion.

For anyone who keeps up to date with celebrity beauty must-haves, our pick won’t be too much of a surprise. It’s the PIXI Glow Tonic, beloved by supermodels, actresses and other famous faces around the world. 5% Glycolic Acid works to buff away dead skin cells whereas aloe vera soothes and ginseng nourishes the complexion.

5. Warm-toned eyeshadows

Illamasqua Vanitas Rose Gold Palette Autumn Beauty credit Really Ree

Take a little inspiration from the falling autumn leaves and invest in a few gorgeous, warm-toned eyeshadows. They’re a staple in any autumn beauty routine, especially as just a few essential shades will give you a whole host of options. We love a neutral look with browns for day-to-day, and coppers or bronzes make the perfect feature for a night out.

The Illamasqua Vanitas Rose Gold Eyeshadow is definitely our most coveted autumn beauty product, as it houses 12 stunning shades that range from brights to shimmers and smokies. The shadows are creamy, pigmented and blendable, making them perfect for absolutely any eye look. Our fave combo? Copper-bronze ‘Tango’ and red-ochre ‘Terra’.

6. A HA-packed serum

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum Autumn beauty credit Young Mum Stuff

Although the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid can be reaped all year ’round, this ingredient is a total necessity when the weather starts to change. If you haven’t heard of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) before, it’s a miracle ingredient that binds water molecules to the skin, helping with dryness and fending off fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll usually find it in serum form, although it’s also used to enrich moisturisers and creams.

The Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum combines HA with Vitamin B5, which has skin-smoothing properties and provides an antioxidant effect. This serum provides 24 hours of ultimate hydration, so your skin will never feel parched again! It’s definitely an essential in any autumn beauty routine, no matter your skin type.

7. Frizz-fighting hair products

Alterna Bamboo Anti-Frizz range Autumn Beauty

Quite a lot of people experience frizz when the weather changes, especially if they have curly, thin, dry or coloured hair (i.e., a good 99% of us). If your autumn beauty resolution is to fight off frizz for good, you’re going to need some quality products at your disposal that work to smooth and hydrate your locks. Working in a frizz-reducing shampoo and conditioner from a professional haircare brand is definitely the way to go.

Our combo of choice would have to be the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. Organic bamboo extract and kendi oil work to smooth your locks, adding moisture and preventing against breakage. The range also features Colour Hold technology that’ll ensure your salon-fresh shade stays as vibrant as possible.

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