Bold Makeup Must-Haves for Channeling Summer Vibes

Bold Makeup Must-Haves for Channeling Summer Vibes

Summer is (very devastatingly) about to come to a close, so we’re hanging onto its last days in vain — maybe it’ll decide to stick around just a bit longer? Even though those warm, carefree days are behind us for another year, that doesn’t mean you have to give up that summery makeup style you may have adopted. We’re all for tropical-inspired, bold makeup choices no matter the weather. Express yourself, girl!

Bold Makeup Must-Haves for Channeling Summer Vibes

If you want to bring summer feels into those cooler months, we’re here to help. Bold makeup isn’t a day-to-day essential, but we love rocking a hot pink lip or peachy eye for special occasions. We’ve rounded up our favourite bold makeup essentials to help you kit out your collection and make a statement. Keep on reading to find out our must-haves!

Bright Lipsticks

Bold Makeup Bright Pink Lipstick

Bright, bold makeup is all about playing with colour, so what better way to do so than through your lipstick? A bright pop of pink, orange or red on the lips is sure to transport you back to those warmer months — we can feel the tropical breeze through our hair already. Choosing the perfect lippie might seem like a task, especially when you’re spoiled for choice, so we’ve picked out a few long-time favourites.

The Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Toast is the perfect red for a lighter makeup look. It’s got orange undertones rather than blue, giving it that gorgeous, firetruck red hue. Wear it with a champagne eye and a sleek wing for a night out, or go simple on the day-to-day with just a touch of radiant highlighter and some bronzer.

Our final bright lipstick fave is (obviously) a bright Barbie pink. The Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in Nebula is the perfect shade, and boasts a super-opaque formula that’ll stay all day long on the lips. Pink goes with practically everything, so use your imagination. We love it paired with a whole range of eye looks, or as a statement with a fairly neutral look.

Luminous Highlighter

Bold Makeup Luminous Highlighter

By this point, highlighter is a staple in any makeup look, no matter the season or feel you’re going for. Whether you’re all about that subtle hint or prefer to layer it on thick (we don’t blame you), there’s a highlighter out there that’ll take your bold makeup look of choice to the next level.

If you prefer a liquid formula, try out the INIKA Light Reflect Creme. This stunning champagne shade has touches of pink in it, making it perfect for paler skin tones, but the gold elements also look gorgeous on darker complexions. It’s pigmented and easy to apply to the cheekbones using just your finger.

Summery Eyeshadow Palettes

Summery Eyeshadow Bold Makeup Look

One thing we love about summer is the confidence it gives us to wear bright, bold makeup, especially on the eyes. While winter often inspires neutral looks, or a smoky eye at the very most, come summer we find ourselves going wild with pinks, oranges and purples. Take that creativity into the cold, dreary months for a much-needed makeup pick-me-up!


Peachy Blush

Peachy Blush Bold Makeup Summer

Rosying up your cheeks with blush is important no matter the season, as it will add dimension back into the face post-foundation application. Peachy shades look amazing during the summer months, so why not pick that blush compact back up if you’re going for a bold makeup look?

The ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in Peach Bellini delivers a punch of true peachy colour to the cheeks, giving them added warmth and that true summery feel.

Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured Eyeliner Bold Makeup Summer

Are you feeling really daring with your makeup? Make a bright statement with editorial-style eyeliner in the colour of your choice! Whether you decide to go graphic with inverted lines like the above, slick a little under the eye or simply wear a traditional wing, the pop of colour will make the look stand out.

Channel this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year with the Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil in Jewel Amethyst, a gorgeous deep blue-toned purple. Creamy and easy to apply, these eyeliners from Eye of Horus are perfect for a whole array of bold makeup looks. This particular shade looks stunning along the lash line or even smudged in the inner corner.

Gold eyeliner is incredibly on trend at the moment, so pick up the PIXI Endless Silky Eye Pen in Sage Gold to make the most of it. We love this paired with super neutral browns on the lid and a shimmery gold highlighter to liven up the cheeks.

What are your bold makeup must-haves? Let us know over on Facebook or Instagram! Don’t forget to check out the lookfantastic Summer Shop before it sets sail, too!

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