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New in Skincare: the February Edit

New in Skincare: the February Edit
Beauty Editor2 years ago
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It's the beginning of a new month and the perfect time to switch up your skincare routine. With a number of incredible new skincare brands launching on lookfantastic Australia, why not treat yourself to some new goodies today?

  • 1.DNA Renewal

    DNA Renewal
    Created by a dermatologist with over 25 years in the industry, it’s safe to say that DNA Renewal know skin! The line was formulated around the premise that skin possesses natural mechanisms for renewal, repair and protection. For a smooth, plump and more youthful looking complexion, we love the DNA Intensive Renewal, a light-weight lotion suitable for day or night use. The formula features DNA repair enzymes, which have the ability to reverse damage to the skin.
  • 2.Onne Beauty

    Onne Beauty
    Containing nourishing ingredients, which work to soothe all skin-types, Onne Beauty is a completely natural and vegan skincare line from Australia. Their products are gentle yet effective and have been scientifically formulated to restore healthy, glowing skin. The Onne Beauty Moisturising Mask is our new go-to when we're looking for a clear and luminous complexion. This 10-minute mask is formulated with a combination of clarifying Kaolin Clay and nourishing Coconut. Perfect for those with oily yet sensitive skin, it works to draw out dirt and impurities, whilst soothing and hydrating skin.
  • 3.Les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL

    Les huilettes by LABESSENTIAL
    Discover luxe, French beauty brand les huilettes. A range for natural cosmetics enthusiasts, their products are organic, vegan and 100% botanical. The line is made up of oil-serums that contain active ingredients selected for their specific skin benefits; anti-ageing, skin protection and nutrition. A best-seller from the range is the Mon Huilette Oil – Day, a silky serum that contains skin-loving ingredients. Shiu and Cistus work in harmony to firm and tone the facial contours and Argan and Hemp restore high levels of moisture, promoting skin elasticity.

    Born from science and made in Iceland, BIOEFFECT was founded by a trio of Geneticists over 10 years. BIOEFFECT actually represents a scientific breakthrough- the discovery of stimulating the skin to renew itself through the use of EFG (Epidermal Growth Factor). Unlike their competitors, BIOEFFECT use plant-based cellular activators, which mimic the naturally occurring human protein. If you are looking to reshape your facial contours and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend the BIOEFFECT 30 Day Treatment, an intensive, anti-ageing treatment that noticeably firms and renews the look of skin.    
Beauty Editor
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A coffee addicted, YouTube obsessed Libran, I absolutely live and breathe all things beauty! I love to try new products and find myself switching things up regularly, as I continue on my ultimate quest to find the perfect flawless base and skin-care regime.