The latest in K-Beauty: Haruharu

New in- Haruharu

Korean beauty brands have been known to push boundaries, resulting in exciting and innovative products that have the ability to transform both the beauty realm and of course, our skin!

Haruharu, which means ‘every day’ in Korean, is among one of the new brands launching on site that we are super excited about!

From their swoon-worthy packaging to the fact that each product is jam-packed with natural yet powerful ingredients- it’s safe to say that we’re pretty obsessed.

By including skin-loving ingredients such as honey for anti-inflammation and fermented tea to brighten, Haruharu prides itself on the fact that it provides basic and honest skin-care routines that will deliver great results.

If the absolutely adorable coffee cup (we love it a latte!) and anime-style packaging alone doesn’t prompt you to add this whole range to your cart immediately- we can vouch for the fact that the product inside is just as great.

Haruharu’s range of moisturisers are designed for your specific skin-type and will all help to maintain natural skin health.

We love the Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream to deeply hydrate and the Wonder Honey Green Brilliant Cream to brighten the skin.

The Haruharu face masks are the perfect pick-me-up to be incorporated into your skin-care routine once or twice per week. Try the Wonder Honey Green Repairative Mask to regenerate and revitalise or the Wonder Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant Mask for its anti-ageing effect.



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