Black Leopard

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Men’s skincare is a tough business to crack given the impenetrable stigma surrounding male grooming products. However, Black Leopard has broken this barrier, providing top quality skin care for men in Australia. Founded in 2015 by Peter Collins, Black Leopard is a family-run business built upon important family values of respect, trust, commitment and loyalty - all in the name of skin!

Black Leopard is unmistakably masculine by nature and cuts straight to the point when it comes to transformative results. 'Affordable prices. Excellent skin. Inclusive for all' - what more could you ask for? As men have larger pores and thicker skin than women, Black Leopard combines natural ingredients with synthetic actives to ensure long-lasting results and efficiency. Some key actives include VITAL ET, which is a bio-functional complex that reduces swelling and redness, and ION MOIST 4MEN, which is scientifically proven to boost skin hydration by over 40% in a day.

All products complement each other for an all-around effect, with Black Leopard’s Face Scrub being a popular choice amongst customers. Its black rice formula allows you to feel and experience tangible results as it gently exfoliates the skin. Invest in your skin today with Black Leopard at LOOKFANTASTIC!
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