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Natural ingredients creating pure products. That's the ethos of Coast to Coast, a company providing quality skin care products sourced from the Australian homeland. And now you can get your fill of these gentle yet powerful skin solutions at lookfantastic.

The brand began with a road trip across Australia, where husband and wife Nicole and Nick discovered the variety of plants native to the country's contrasting habitats. Teaming up with scientists, they created a skincare collection based on these amazing botanicals, combining modern science and ancient plant knowledge to deliver nourishing natural goodness to your skin.

From strolling the coastal sands to trekking a rainforest or enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the outback, Coast to Coast uses pure, natural Australian ingredients that will conjure up feelings of these experiences, while being perfectly tailored to your individual skin care needs.

These three differing environments, and the plants within them, led to three unique skincare systems specially formulated for different skin types. The Coastal Collection is perfect for quenching normal, dry or sensitive skin, and contains soothing ingredients from coastal areas of Australia like Sea Kelp and Sea Parsley. The Rainforest Collection has been formulated with rejuvenating botanicals like Rosalina and Eucalyptus and is ideal for oily, combination, or blemish-prone skin. Finally, the Outback Collection has been created to brighten dull and dehydrated skin, for a luminous complexion, and contains ingredients such as Kakadu plum and Desert Quandong.

Here at lookfantastic, we've got plenty of fantastic products from all three of the Coast to Coast collections, so it's easy to find a bespoke skincare solution. Whether you're after a brightening skin mask, a refreshing body cleanser, or a hydrating hand cream, there are numerous face, hair and body products that will help you achieve a healthier, younger-looking complexion. Shop the range today and revitalise your skin with the power of nature.

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