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Turn your candle experience up a notch with the elegant and luxurious scented candles on offer from Cocolux. An Australian-owned brand, Cocolux cite coconut wax as their key ingredient, differentiating them from a market full of soy, paraffin and beeswax formulas. Housed in stunning copper holders, there are an array of scents on offer from Cocolux, each of which suits a different personality and ambiance. 

Coconut oil, and the resultant wax, were a standout choice for the team at Cocolux when first coming up with the idea for their brand. Not only are coconut derivatives environmentally friendly and sustainable, but they also stack up well against the quality of traditional candle waxes, delivering a long-lasting and safe burn without any excessive residue or lingering scent. 

After opting for coconut oil as the basis for their products, Cocolux began to focus on their scents. Inspired by Australian beach culture and easy living, their candles can be universally described as fresh and exotic. However, that doesn’t mean they all smell the same--far from it! 

If you appreciate a true floral scent, opt for the Wild Frangipani fragrance, which is formulated with essential oils. Or, perhaps you feel like transporting yourself to a tropical paradise? Look no further than the Cocolux Island Fig Cassis and Peach Candle, which also incorporates elements of spice for a warm yet still fruity scent. It’s perfect for burning on balmy summer nights! 

Another favourite from Cocolux is the Bergamot, Lily and Moss Candle, which beautifully blends citrus and floral notes for a woodsy yet fresh scent. Androgynous and strong, moss gives this product a masculine edge, whereas lily brings it back to neutral ground. It’s the perfect unisex candle for burning in the home when entertaining, or on a breezy autumn day. 

All Cocolux candles are housed in stunning canisters, made out of copper or brass. Sustainable and reusable, they not only add a metallic touch to your interior while the candle is burning, but can be upcycled when the last dregs of your favourite scent have burnt out. Cocolux candles are available in both 150g and 350g sizes. 

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