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Discover the incredible, transformative power of essential oils in your skincare thanks to the Decleor skin and body care range.

Decleor is a heritage brand that is centred around the multitude of skincare benefits from essential oils. Since 1974, they have been passionate about educating the world on natural ingredients in professional, intelligent formulas.

Why do they love essential oils so much? There are three reasons: they're rare, active and concentrated. Nature is very selective and only a small number of plants are able to synthesise essential oils, which they use as a natural antidote to protect, regenerate and reproduce. Each oil has properties so powerful that they must be selected, extracted and blended with only the highest level of expertise, something that Decleor has in abundance. Finally, every single drop of essential oil has a super high concentration of at least 150 active molecules, delivering lots of benefits in small quantities.

Decleor have harnessed the power of these essential oils and found a way to share their regenerative and restorative properties with your skin. Experts in the field of essentials oils, they only use the very best bits of each plant at the maximum authorised skincare concentration. Expertly blended by aromatherapists, aromachologists and dermatologists, you can be assured every product delivers a relaxing, sensory, spa-like experience as well as visible skincare results.

With so much effort and research into their essential oils, it's no wonder that Decleor are an ingredients-led, results-driven brand. To ensure they have a solution for all skin types, they have a wide range of products targeted at the most common skin concerns. From the brightening benefits of mandarin to revive dull complexions, soothing rose to calm sensitivity, white magnolia to target visible signs of ageing, and more, there's an essential oil blend to suit your skin's needs.

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