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If you're in the market for amazing men's skin products, you can't go wrong with Gentlemen's Tonic. Founded in 2004 in Mayfair, London, the brand has become synonymous with luxury and style, providing high quality, award-winning products to luxury hotels, spas, and retailers. Here at lookfantastic, we're proud to stock these superb skin solutions, tailor-made for male complexions.

Men's skin is thicker, oiler, and contains more collagen than women's. With extra testosterone, men's skin doesn't lose collagen as quickly, either, but that doesn't mean men should skimp on their skincare routine. With more sebum being produced, male pores are more prone to congestion, which can lead to more breakouts. Gentlemen's Tonic produce products specially tailored for male skin, and we stock a wide selection of these proven solutions here on the site.

Gentlemen's Tonic also uses innovative ingredients to deliver serious results for your skin. Antioxidant-rich serums defend against pollutants and free radicals, while Vitamin C-infused formulas help slow melanin production and minimise visible sun damage. The proven anti-ageing properties are perfect for the complexion-conscious modern man.

Perfecting the shaving routine is another aspect in which Gentlemen's Tonic excels, with an array of oils, balms, and creams to banish razor burn, redness, and ingrown hairs, and help the razor glide smoothly over skin. From pre-shave solutions that help prepare facial hair and soften stubble, to post-shave moisturisers that soothe, hydrate and nourish, there's an array of bespoke shaving solutions. Throw in their stylish, ergonomic razors, and shaving brushes to work up a rich lather, and you'll start to treat shaving as a relaxing, refreshing experience that you can't get enough of!

If you're looking to grab some outstanding grooming goods for the modern gentleman, Gentlemen's Tonic is the perfect choice. Whatever you're after, you can browse at your leisure here at lookfantastic. Shop the selection today!

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