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L.A. Girl cosmetics are designed to bring professional quality makeup to everyone. This chic and savvy collection of high-quality products comes in a wide range of vibrant colours which are sure to get you noticed around town. But the best thing about L.A. Girl cosmetics is that, unlike most professional makeup products, they are easy to apply, even for a complete novice.

As a professional makeup brand, the product range is comprehensive and includes everything the girl about town needs to make herself look beautiful. The brand is most famous for its vibrant lipstick and lip-gloss colours which come in both matte and high-gloss finishes. These contain higher levels of pigment than other brands at this price level and also contain shea butter which helps to keep your lips moisturised throughout the day.

L.A. Girl are also continually innovating to find new ways of bringing on-trend professional quality makeup to the mass market. As a result, makeup products and colours which were once reserved for professional makeup artists are now available to everyone. All the brand's products are also easy to apply thanks to precision applicators, and they come infused with the nutrients your skin needs to stay looking healthy.

It's an added benefit that all L.A. Girl cosmetics are also marked as cruelty-free by PETA which means that no finished cosmetic products are tested on animals. But the brand also goes much further than this by ensuring both suppliers and third parties also sign up to the cruelty-free pledge. Regular checks are also carried out to ensure suppliers continue to meet these standards. So when you buy an L.A Girl product you can be sure that no animal has been harmed during either development or manufacturing.

So now you really can get cruelty-free professional-grade makeup without spending a fortune. Check out our collection of LA Girl products today.

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