Living Sea Therapy

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Providing a window to the geological past, Living Sea Therapy represents a voyage from sea to skin, and this innovative British brand's offerings are available right here at lookfantastic. Their range of bath, body, and hand and foot products have been crafted to harness the rejuvenating power of the sea, and its many minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are unique to the Cornish coastline they're sourced from.

Living Sea Therapy has been developed with the input of marine biologists, therapists, and environmentalists, not to mention close collaboration with sister businesses Cornish Sea Salt Co. and Cornish Seaweed Co. The company sustainably gathers rich sea salt, seaweed, and sea minerals from the Cornish coastline and then combines them with soothing essential oils to help stimulate the senses and banish stress. They offer a wide range of products, from bath soaks to body lotions and creams, and lookfantastic is proud to offer these natural and sustainable skin solutions.

Sink into luxurious bathtime bliss with the company's quality bath products. Pure essential oils combine with their unique mineral and vitamin complex, sourced from the sea, to provide a relaxing sensory experience. Sourced with sustainable methods, and free from parabens and synthetic fragrances, you'll find it easy to slip into a state of utter relaxation.

The same innovative methods are used for the company's selection of hand, foot, and body washes, creams and lotions. The formulas are crafted with a combination of marine ingredients and natural essential oils to help hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate skin.

If you're looking for an ethical, sustainable product packed with innovative ingredients, you can't go wrong with Living Sea Therapy, and now we can bring the best of Cornwall to our skin-conscious customers here in Australia. Explore the range right here at lookfantastic and stock up on these soothing products!

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