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Your face has never known luxury like this. Welcome to Nion Beauty, the innovative exfoliating technology that gets your skin glowing from head to toe.

With a mission to help people around the world harness their natural beauty, Nion Beauty are leaders in beauty technology. By using the power of negative ions, their range of silicon brushes boosts your radiance. In utilising an organic mineral compound called Tourmaline, they created S-ion. This antibacterial, durable silicon forms the brush head that cleanses the skin and counteracts environmental toxins.

Glow with confidence, as Nion Beauty's intelligent ergonomic design allows you to work on all the hard to reach places and cleanse them. This flexible design is the missing piece in your beauty regime, leaving you with gorgeous skin - perfect for your whole body as well as your face.

Make this a must-have for polishing, cleansing, and anti-ageing benefits. With a wide selection of disposable and rechargeable products, there's something for every nook, cranny, and price range.

Pamper yourself as you preen, and indulge yourself with this ultimate skin cleansing experience. Create a spa-level experience from the comfort of your own home with these optimally sized products.

Unlike face scrubs and liquid cleansers, Nion Beauty's technology doesn't rely on abrasive friction or harsh chemicals. Instead, it uses the brush's pulsating massage to loosen dirt in your skin with vibrations. This technique leaves your skin's natural oils intact while helping you wash away impurities, leaving you protected against blemishes and dryness for longer.

Remember to moisturise after cleansing to ensure the best results, locking in that moisture to last all day long.

Reveal the beauty that's always been just under the surface. Find your glow and radiance with this fantastic range of products and see how Nion Beauty can make a difference to your skincare.

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