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Ouidad was founded by a woman of the same name in 1984 and was originally a salon dedicated to styling women’s curly hair so that they could embrace their natural texture.

Today, the brand has a wide range of salon-quality hair care products that are each designed to enhance the beauty and unique texture of curly hair to give it added structure, shine and bounce.

Ouidad’s philosophy is centred around the concept that caring for curly hair is not one-size-fits-all. Each curl has its own unique internal structure and there are four hair types identified by the brand: kinky, loose, classic and tight. Each hair type has its own dedicated line of Ouidad products to target your unique curl pattern and style, giving your curly hair the TLC it deserves.

Ouidad products all contain high-quality ingredients and are formulated using the latest scientific breakthroughs to create state-of-the-art hair care. Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control range is one of their best sellers and is designed to resist the curl-destroying impact of humidity.

LOOKFANTASTIC is an official stockist of Ouidad products for customers in Australia, so if you’re looking to enhance your beautiful curls, shop our range today.
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