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Looking to embrace your inner feminine goddess? Look no further than Pink Holiday, a cosmetics brand that offers lipstick products in all shades of pink.

Pink Holiday is the definition of all things flirty, feminine, and fun. A brand offering pink lipstick products for every occasion, Pink Holiday focuses on style and formula in equal measure.

Every Pink Holiday lipstick is luxuriously creamy, offering colour that effortlessly glides on and stays on throughout the day. Thanks to cutting-edge cosmetic technology, Pink Holiday formulas are created to target the undertones of your complexion, complementing rather than contrasting. The result is a wonderfully glowing face with your pinky pout as the centrepiece.

Choosing Pink Holiday products provides a range of benefits (besides a pop of colour, of course!). For instance, the Italian formula of Pink Holiday products means your lips will be left moisturised, looking more youthful, and feeling fuller.

The application of Pink Holiday lipsticks is as satisfying as the end result, too. Lightweight, silky-smooth, with a barely-there feeling, the act of applying your Pink Holiday lipstick is as sensuous as you feel while wearing it. And that's the way it should be.

There's no wider selection of pink lipstick shades than the range offered by Pink Holiday. From pretty pastel tones to preppy bubblegum shades, from iconic hot pinks to the deepest shades of pink-bordering-on-red - Pink Holiday offers it all.

Thanks to the sheer collection of colours available, Pink Holiday products are incredibly versatile. You can switch up shades as you wish, choosing flattering nude tones for a day in the office, and fun, vibrant pinks for a night out on the town.

The choice is yours with Pink Holiday - shop the brand's range of pink lipsticks online today on the lookfantastic website.

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