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At lookfantastic, we stock only the finest home tanning and self-tan products from leading brands—and PureTan is no exception! As Australia's leading brand in salon-quality self-tanners, PureTan has made itself a household name in instant tanning and foam bronzing. With over 14 years of industry experience, the dedicated team at PureTan have worked hard to develop an instant, non-streaky formula that will moisturise and prime the skin for a long-lasting, golden tan.

PureTan's range includes instant tanning products in a range of tones, so whether you're looking for the sheerest glow or the richest bronze, you'll find something to suit your tastes here.

For a truly even all-over application, a tanning mitt is essential. Reusable and rewashable, tanning mitts are more eco-friendly than plastic gloves, and easily put a stop to the tell-tale look of fake tan hands. Apply the formula in a circular, consistent motion all over the body (while treading lightly across knees, elbows, knuckles and heels) to achieve an enviably flawless finish.

If you're olive-toned, you can enliven and enrich your colour with a dark or ultra-dark tanning foam. You have the power to customise your colour—shower after an hour for a quick colour boost, or wear overnight for a deep, long-lasting golden glow. If you have a fairer skin tone, try a light or medium lotion to enjoy a subtle wash of colour.

PureTan's tanning foams are purposefully designed to reduce the infamous fake tan smell and, with their moisturising properties, will soothe and condition your skin as you apply. For best results, always exfoliate and ensure your skin is completely dry before applying any self-tanning product.

Whether you're looking for the subtlest hint of colour or a deep bronzed glow, you'll find the formula to achieve your dream look in lookfantastic's range of self-tanning products from PureTan.

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