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Everyone knows that the key to a flawless face of makeup is all in the application. More specifically, it's in the beauty tools we use. That's why it's important to invest in a brand such as TBX where quality is promised with every use.

TBX makeup brushes and tools are perfect for any make-up lover because they truly do offer it all. Economical in size and snug in the hand, TBX's products are comfortable for any user, whether you're an amateur that does make-up for a hobby or a professional that sees these brushes as an investment in your career. As well as full-sized brushes, TBX also offers lines of compact brushes that are perfect for on the go.

There are brushes for every kind of application. As make-up specialists, TBX knows what type of product makes for the smoothest application every time. Whether it's a fan brush for highlighter, a stippling brush for applying liquid and cream products, an angled brush for eyebrows, or a lid brush for eyeshadow, TBX offers the full range.

Packed with either synthetic or natural fibres, every TBX brush packs maximum product when loading up, saving you precious minutes each time you do your make-up. This also allows for a more even distribution of product - that's right, no worry of streaky make-up or spotty areas you've missed. It's every girl's dream.

You can either buy a single brush to just top-up your collection or snag one of the nifty multiple sets if your makeup bag is in need of a huge overhaul. Whatever you choose, TBX's product quality means your purchase will be durable and reliable for lots of applications to come.

You can shop the range of TBX makeup products here at lookfantastic today.

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