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Let's be honest - unless you're a winged liner goddess, the eyeliner portion of your make-up routine is the reason behind most, if not all, of our cosmetic struggles. It's a nightmare every morning to try and get an equal shape and size on both eyelids. Before you know it, you've got two completely black eyes and refuse to leave the house at all. Well, no more thanks to The Quick Flick.

The Quick Flick is a revolutionary cosmetics brand that pioneered the eyeliner flick stamp, which can simply be pressed onto each eyelid to give you perfectly shaped wings. As a brand, its product range of eyeliner stamps remains unmatched, offering various wing sizes and colours. This means you can get the perfect flick in seconds without the worry of how it'll turn out - you already know.

More than three varying styles of eyeliner wing are now offered, including 'Petite', 'Modest', 'Grand', and 'To The Point'. So whether you're after a sweet day-to-day look or a dramatic wing for your gal's night out, The Quick Flick has your back.

There's plenty of choice in colour too. Besides the classic black staple, The Quick Flick offers products in a range of other colours such as brown, blue, green, and red so, whatever the occasion, there's a shade to compliment your look.

The Quick Flick has more than enough acclaim to demonstrate its prowess in the cosmetic world too. From Cosmopolitan and Huda Beauty to InStyle, Woman's Day, and Shark Tank, the brand has raving reviews around the world. It's not just reviewers either - celebrities, influencers, and users all sing the praises of The Quick Flick.

So why not try it out for yourself? Browse the range of The Quick Flick products here at lookfantastic today.

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