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If you're someone that struggles with long, thick, or easily tangled hair after you shower, it sounds like you need to invest in a brush by Wet Brush.

As the ultimate tool for saving your hair and time, Wet Brush's original detangler is an iconic product that's gone on to be mimicked around the world. Of course, nothing compares to the original product!

Featuring sleek, easy-grip, ergonomic handles, Wet Brush products are all easy to use for all ages. So whether you're using it on your own hair or teaching your child how to care for their hair, there's sure to be a perfect product for your needs.

Wet Brush creates hair care products that are suitable for all hair lengths and types, whether you have short or long hair, whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, coiled, or textured. Though they can be used on dry hair too, Wet Brush products (unsurprisingly) really shine when it comes to brushing out wet hair. Post-wash knots can be removed with ease, separating out strands and caring for your scalp all at the same time.

Since its original brush, Wet Brush has grown as a brand to expand its range of products. This includes paddle brushes, trendy patterned brushes, collapsable on-the-go brushes, plush brushes, and even brushes for pets! It looks like Wet Brush really does offer it all.

Brands like Wet Brush are critical in the hair care industry because wet hair is more prone to suffering breakages and frizz, meaning you need to take extra care when handling it. The brushes made by Wet Brush were designed with this in mind, meaning they're more gentle than other traditional types of brush.

You can shop Wet Brush products today by browsing the lookfantastic website to find the perfect brush for you.

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