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Z Palette is the brainchild of Zena Shteysel, a celebrity makeup artist with years of experience in the beauty industry. After constantly lugging around palette after palette when travelling to work with clients, Zena had a eureka moment--what if you could customise your own palette, using shadows and other products from any other brand, to make travelling easier? Thus, the Z Palette system was born. 

The Z Palette range consists of magnetic palettes in a variety of sizes and colours, all of which can be tailored to your own unique needs. Instead of carrying around eyeshadow, blush and contour palettes, simply depot your most used, must-have shades into the Z Palette. Any magnetised pot or pan will easily attach to your Z Palette, which features a safe closing system and a clear plastic lid so you can see exactly which shades and items you’re looking for. If you don’t have magnetic pans at the ready, you can even create your own--each Z Palette comes with magnetic pans so that you can depot your favourite shades, straight from a regular palette. 

Each product in the Z Palette range has been carefully curated by Zena herself, who now also works as the Head of Makeup on hit show Dancing With the Stars. As a seasoned MUA, Zena knows quality, and so ensures that every Z Palette is made with high-grade ingredients and real durability in mind. Plus, Zena knows the importance of being able to express yourself, even if it’s just through your day-to-day professional tools. Opt for fun colours and patterns from hot pink through to zebra and leopard so that you can showcase your individuality. 

The most popular Z Palette style amongst professional MUAs is the Extra Large Z Palette, which fits up to 35 standard sized eyeshadow palettes. Simply grab a hold of your favourite shadows, ensure the bottoms of each pan are magnetised, and slot them into your Z Palette to maximise efficiency and streamline your kit. This easy-to-use system also makes it simple to arrange your favourite shades and formulas as you see fit, whether you organise by colour family, brand, formula or finish. 

Of course, Z Palettes aren’t just made for eyeshadows. Start a whole new palette for your favourite blushes, bronzers, highlighters and more--all you need to do is ensure they’re housed in a magnetic pan, or can easily be depotted into one. Travelling as a makeup artist has never been easier with Z Palette. Arrange 12 large blush, bronzer or highlighter pans to make perfecting your clients’ skin a breeze. 

If you’re a makeup artist or simply a makeup lover with way too many palettes, add a Z Palette or two to your collection, and we promise you’ll reap the rewards almost instantly. No more lugging around your favourite palettes--everything is rolled into one, portable palette designed specifically for MUAs to use. 

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