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Looking for a fuss-free skincare routine? Shop Dermalogica skincare products for daily use with lookfantastic, official Australian stockist of Dermalogica.

Dermalogica’s skincare range is developed with a focus on simple, fuss-free skincare which easily fits into your daily routine. Free from harmful chemicals, common irritants and fragrances, they’re suitable for even the most sensitive skin and gentle enough for everyday use. Founded on the belief that good skin shouldn’t last a day, a week or a month, but for life, Dermalogica has developed a complete range of skincare products for every skin type. Whether you suffer from sensitive skin or acne, or simply want to give your skin the best defence against premature ageing, Dermalogica has a solution for you.

The Dermalogica daily skincare range will become an effortless part of your daily routine, ensuring you beautiful, healthy skin every day.

Developed by the International Dermal Institute, founded by Dermalogica’s own Jane Wurwand, Dermalogica skincare products are scientifically formulated from the most advanced ingredients. That’s why Dermalogica is considered the world’s number one skincare brand, recommended and used by over 200,000 professional skin therapists worldwide.

Are you tired of buying different skincare products, only to find that they clog your pores, leave your skin feeling dry and red, or simply don’t deliver on their promises? Look no further. Dermalogica skincare products are developed by professional skin therapists, with a commitment to innovation and education. The Dermalogica range has a solution for every skin type and need, to help you put together a daily skincare regime with the latest advanced ingredients and proven formulas. For deep-down healthy skin that shows, shop the full range of Dermalogica skincare products for daily use today.

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