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How to get the most out of your morning routine with The Beauty Chef

How to get the most out of your morning routine with The Beauty Chef
Beauty Editor4 months ago
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So you can glow hard all day long

Early birds will tell you the key to a good morning routine is waking up early. But you don’t have to rise at dawn or hit the gym for hours to set yourself up for an excellent day ahead.

In fact, there are plenty of other habits that take less time, feel just as invigorating and can have a positive, long-lasting effect on your mood.

So whether you only have two minutes to spare before your commute or are looking to revamp your entire A.M. routine, here are some daily habits that make a difference.


5 healthy morning habits to try

#1 Set your alarm for the same time each day

Prefer to set your alarm for 5am or 8am? It actually doesn’t matter—as long as you’re consistent. A growing body of research shows that waking up at the same time every morning can not only help you sleep better at night but make it easier to get out of bed in the morning. Sticking to sleep and wake times (including on the weekend) helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, which signals to your body when it’s time to feel tired. Think of it as a natural fatigue fighter that will help you feel more energetic and awake throughout the day.

#2 Get up & glow

Many of us already have a cup of coffee as part of our morning ritual—so what about a daily drinkable habit that’ll give your skin a serious glow-up? Just 1 teaspoon of The Beauty Chef’s GLOW® or GLOW AGELESS™ (for those 50+) is a super quick way to support healthy glowing skin, gut health, energy, immunity, and healthy hair & nails. Make the most of these multitasking superpowders in the morning by simply stirring into water, yoghurt or your favourite smoothie recipe. Fermented, potent and delicious, it’s an easy way to elevate your everyday.

#3 Set your clothes out the night before

It may sound small but outfit prep can have a significant impact on your morning routine and subsequently your entire day. Laying out your clothes the night before not only saves time but negates the stress of finding a last-minute stain or snag, which can force fraught decision making before you’ve even got out the door. One survey also found that 88% of gym goers find that putting on their activewear provides the biggest surge of motivation. So if you’re keen to get your sweat on first thing, put your kit out in the P.M.

#4 Move your body

Struggling to feel fresh and focused first thing? Research has shown that physical exercise can help to improve mood and cognitive function. You don’t have to hit the gym to benefit either—a morning stretch, yoga sesh or walk can work wonders. However you like to move your body, it's all about getting your blood flowing to the brain to feel calmer, focused and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

#5 Do something small that you love

When you think about your morning routine, can you name one thing about it that makes you happy? Getting a dose of dopamine and serotonin before diving into more mundane tasks can help set a positive tone for your day. It doesn’t have to take any extra time and can be the smallest of things; play music while you shower or ring a friend as you walk to the train station. Some studies have also suggested an association between sunlight and serotonin production, so if it’s a beautiful morning, take your glass of GLOW® or GLOW AGELESS™ outside and sip your way to sought-after skin in the sunshine—it’s that easy.

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Beauty Editor
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