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Even here in sunny Oz, we sometimes need some extra help and TLC when it comes to achieving the perfect tan. After all, even with a slathering of sunscreen, it's unwise to spend too long out in the sun every day - so invest in a great quality body tanner to help tide you through.

No matter your preferred method of application, here at lookfantastic we offer a wide selection of choices. From tanning mousses and lotions to tanning water and foam, there's plenty of variety to suit every preference.

Not only this, but the body tanners stocked on lookfantastic offer an excellent range of shades, so you can stay as light as you like or go as dark as you want. We also offer instant-development body tanners, or long-yielding tanners so you can choose just how tanned you'd like to look.

Lookfantastic stocks an extensive array of different brands too. So whether you're firmly loyal to an old cult-favourite brand, or clamouring to try something new, we've got your back. Just a few of the timeless brands that we stock are Bondi Sands, ECOCOCO, St. Tropez, and Loving Tan.

Many of the body tanners stocked on lookfantastic also boast extra benefits. From moisturising properties and body blurring to sensitive skin protection, be sure to have a good browse of all of our offerings to see if there's a product that could give you more than just a tan.

Of course, we wouldn't be good body tanner stockists without supplying a great range of tanning accessories too. Why not pick up a self-tan applicator mitt (or two or three!) to ensure a streakless application every time? We also offer self-tanning gift sets as a treat for yourself, friends, or family.

Browse the body tanners range at lookfantastic today, and fake your way to a gorgeous glow.

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