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Renowned for helping women around the world achieve salon-worthy results at home, Denman brushes and combs are available to suit every hairstyle. Formed in 1938, Denman continues to be the essential brand for maintaining healthy scalps and tresses thanks to its high-quality styling and detangling tools.

The founder of Denman, John Denman Dean, began creating hairbrushes after a trip to New York before the second world war. While overseas, he was introduced to nylon, which is popular today thanks to its ability to detangle knots easily, especially in extremely thick or coarse hair. By the 1950s, John's reputation began to grow, but it wasn't until the '60s that Denman brushes were cemented into the hairdressing hall of fame.

Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, most famous for popularising the asymmetric Mary Quant bob, established the original Denman styler as the perfect tool for creating highly technical haircuts. Over the years, celebrity hairdressers have used Denman hairbrushes to create their own signature styles, including Mark Woolley and Paul Stafford.

At lookfantastic, we stock a range of popular Denman brushes, including paddle, square, classic, natural bristle, barrel and crimped models. As well as detangling brushes, Denman has a selection of blow-drying, styling and precision colour brushes suitable for fine, thick, curly, long, mid-length and short hair.

Denman's detangling brushes are designed to brush wet or dry hair smooth without causing breakage, while paddle brushes are ideal for taming unruly hair when blowdrying. Square brushes, on the other hand, help to style edges for improved straightening and volume, while crimped brushes are gentler on the scalp if you're looking for added comfort.

No matter your styling requirements, lookfantastic has a Denman hairbrush or comb suitable for your hair. Browse our range today.

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