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We are a wellbeing beauty brand where science and inspiration meet. We harness dermatological science and the power of nature to transform your skin. We inspire beautiful days with effortless scents and poetic words. The panoramic beauty of Arizona inspired our founder, Cristina Carlino, in a lifechanging way. In 1996, as she hiked Camelback Mountain, a rainbow appeared and moved her to create philosophy, a personal wellbeing company that emphasizes gratitude with sim-plicity and balance at its core. Our founder also learned that in the unique desert environment, only the most resilient plants can thrive. Influenced by this extraordinary phenomenon, she partnered with dermatological scientists to bring her vision of innovative formulas to life, using gold-standard ingredients, experiential scents and memorable textures to achieve transformative results and optimal skin health.

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philosophy is dedicated to bringing you remarkable products that inspire you to live a better life by being better to yourself. Their products are formulated with scientifically-proven, medically-accepted ingredients that are effective, yet gentle. What they put in their bottles and jars brings better skin and what’s written on their packaging will inspire better days. Their award-winning skin care, clean fragrances and indulgent bath and body products are designed to help you feel and look your best.
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