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Caron is an Australian brand created in 1979. Grooming and hygiene are two of the easiest ways to feel good about yourself, a mantra that is reflected in each one of their products, from pastes and body oils to lotions and moisturisers.

The Caron range celebrates all skin types, whether this is through the creation of hard wax for harsher and more stubborn hairs, or a softer version for skin requiring a more sensitive approach. The team at Caron embodies reliability, knowledge and performance, making them the number one choice for beauty therapists around the world. Recognised by prestigious beauty institutes such as CIDESCO Australia, the brand aims to deliver ease and simplicity to the lives of the everyday consumer, as well as the professional beauty therapist. Used wax isn't recyclable, so Caron is aware of the role it plays in creating a more environmentally-friendly beauty industry. As such, it has placed greater emphasis on manufacturing products that align with the Choose Cruelty-Free accreditation.

At LOOKFANTASTIC, we are proud to be the official stockist of Caron products and waxes in Australia, so browse the range and enjoy free delivery across Australia.

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