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Once upon a time, silky smooth skin was the stuff of myth and legend, but not anymore. With Caron wax and hair removal products, you'll have glowing, hair-free skin in no time. Discover your perfect legs with your chosen method of hair removal and attain outstanding results.

While hair waxing originated in Ancient Eygpt, Caron have a more modern approach. Starting-up in 1979, Caron continues to be dedicated to creating a superior waxing experience. Based in Australia, they test their products with beauty therapists to ensure reliability and performance in everything they create. Their passion for making beauty more accessible and exceptional drive their innovations in the industry.

Proud members of Choose Cruelty-Free, Caron are dedicated to creating sustainable products with a plan outlined in 2020 to reduce their environmental footprint. With quality assurance and an eco-conscious outlook, Caron are expert-leaders in the waxing industry.

Waxing and grooming go a long way in feeling good in your skin, with longer-lasting results than alternative hair removal methods. Regular waxing helps hair grow back thinner and decreases the chance of ingrown hairs, making Caron the perfect range for giving your skin that dazzling look.

Choose the products best suited for your skin, from softer wax for sensitive skin to harder wax for those stubborn hairs. Their range is versatile and flexible, designed for both males and females. Caron has you covered from the hair removal to the aftercare, creating a professional-level experience. Keep your skin looking silky and smooth with their luxurious range.

Choose Australia's award-winning brand in waxing and hair removal, attaining Dermascope Aesthetician's Choice Award's four years running between 2017-2020 and 'Best Hair Removal Treatment Product' in the Beauty Heaven Award's in 2019. For better products, better hygiene, and better results, stick with Caron for all your hair removal needs.

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