Tinted Moisturisers

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Lighter than foundation but still providing great beauty-boosting benefits, tinted moisturisers are the perfect choice for daily wear, beginners to makeup, or those looking for a truly natural look. Lookfantastic stocks a range of tinted moisturisers in a variety of shades, textures and coverage levels, so everyone can find a product to suit their individual needs.

Choose a sheer tinted moisturiser for a subtle wash of natural colour to take your everyday look to the next level. Many tinted moisturisers are enhanced with broad-spectrum sunscreen, making them perfect for daily wear. As an added bonus, they're easy to reapply and won't look cakey. Try a tinted moisturiser enhanced with natural skin-boosters like amino acids, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to hydrate the skin and improve texture.

If you're looking for subtle radiance and a natural golden glow, try a fluid tan. Fluid tans have a serum-like texture, feel light on the skin, and evenly spread pigment across your skin's surface, leading to a beautifully bronzed complexion.

For an all-in-one skin foundation, moisturiser and primer combo, try a BB or CC cream. These innovative products are great for multitasking and saving time on your daily morning routine. Choose a product infused with organic vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to give your skin an all-day radiant, smooth and illuminated look.

If you're serious about sun protection, but hate the greasy, sticky feeling of heavy-duty sunscreen on your face, try a lightweight moisture tint enhanced with SPF. You'll protect your skin from environmental damage, preventing the development of fine lines and wrinkles. For added anti-ageing benefits, choose a tinted moisturiser infused with natural minerals to strengthen your skin's defences and boost collagen production.

Whether you're looking for a sheer, natural look, sun protection or a luminous glow, you'll find what you need in lookfantastic's range of high-quality tinted moisturisers from the makeup world's leading brands.

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