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Payot is a Parisian skincare brand with a storied history and an excellent reputation around the world. Known for high-quality formulations, Payot originated back in the 1920s at the hand of medical professional Nadia Payot.

Nadia Payot was a pioneer in the medical realm, especially as until then, the industry had been dominated entirely by men. One of France’s first female doctors, Nadia Payot was also strongly involved in the women’s rights movement of the day. On the side, Payot would indulge her interests in medicinal and herbal remedies and create skincare products, however the idea to market these to the world did not come until she met prima ballerina Anna Pavlova. The famed dancer knew the importance of maintaining her youth, especially in the ballet industry, and helped Nadia Payot to realise that there needed to be widespread solutions to this that all modern, Parisian women could access. 

Her encounter with Pavlova firstly led to the invention of the 42-Movement Massage, a series of facial exercises which are still employed to this day. Payot came to see that not only was the skin an important muscle, but that it also needed to be worked in the correct ways to ensure it did not age prematurely. Following on from this, Payot branched out into skincare, formulating her own range and introducing it to the public at the Parisian Beauty Institute, opened in 1925. 

This iconic skincare brand remains a luxury must-have for many women around the world today. Sold in over 70 countries to thousands of adoring customers, Payot is a leading brand in the luxury skincare industry. Over 100 years of expertise ensures that each product in the range has been carefully formulated and optimised for the best possible results. By utilising key, active ingredients and revolutionary technologies to formulate their product range, Payot has managed to stay ahead of the curve despite behind one of the oldest brands in the skincare world. 

When Nadia Payot began to sell her products at the Parisian Beauty Institute, there were only two key items available. These were Creme No. 2 and Nutricia, both of which remain staples in the Payot range today. Creme No. 2 has reached cult status in the beauty world, and is known as a saviour for stressed, irritated and tired skin. The salve-like product draws on herbal remedies and aromatherapies, using prominent botanical ingredients with an array of antioxidant benefits. It’s ideal for the woman suffering from redness and sensitivities, as it helps to even out the complexion and provide a calming effect. On the other hand, the Nutricia range is perfect for nourishing dry, dehydrated skins and restoring them back to optimal health. Active ingredients ensure only the best results, and a subtle fragrance gives the user an overall luxury experience. 

Of course, we can’t discuss the Payot range without mentioning their most beloved line of products. Pate Gris is the bestselling range that draws on Dr. Nadia Payot’s personal expertise with treating blemishes and clogged pores. Designed for combination to oily skin, yet compatible with every skin type, Pate Gris has a reputation that spans the world over. The Pate Gris L’Originale is an anti-blemish ‘paste’ that can be applied topically to breakouts, spots, pimples and more, providing a transformative effect overnight. 

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