Curly & Wavy Hair

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If you have curly or wavy hair, is it time to bring out the best in your luscious locks? You can attain that desirable volume, bounce and vivacious look which makes this hair type simply irresistible, with the specialised products in our Curly & Wavy Hair range. Whether your aim is to protect, replenish or reinvigorate, you will find a broad selection of items which are designed to keep your curly or wavy hair looking its very best.

From shampoos and conditioners to gels, creams and sprays - you can find everything you need here to take care of your locks on a daily basis and maximise their potential. You can find products which prime your hair for certain climates, and special conditioners which fight one of the enemies of curly hair - frizz! There are also tools such as brushes and hair dryers that are suitable for curly hair, and shampoo and conditioner sets which are conducive to washing this hair type.

Curly hair has a unique structure with cuticles that are more exposed than those of straighter hair. This makes it all the more important to choose your hair care products carefully - from your conditioner right down to your styling tools. If you want to inject some marvellous movement into your curly hair, with a degree of control, you are not alone. Rely on the items in this curly hair selection to get manageably soft, bouncing curls and waves that turn heads every time.

Is your wavy or curly hair feeling the effects of undernourishment? Then it might be time to offer it both replenishment and hydration - while enhancing its softness - by choosing a hair mask for curly hair. With natural ingredients rich in vitamins and proteins, these hair care formulas can help your hair rediscover that incredible elasticity, and also assist in untangling your hair, making it more workable.

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