Products for Sensitive Skin

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Having reactive skin can be an absolute pain - literally. Our products for sensitive skin are made by many well-trusted brands in the beauty industry, from Garnier to SkinCeuticals. Whether it's hydration, nourishment, regeneration or repair you need, you'll be able to find a product to suit you.

Over 50 of our premium skincare brands specialise in products for sensitive skin - from trusted industry names like Clinique and Dermalogica to high-quality boutique brands like Gatineau and Rodial. From the first step of cleansing to the final touches like serum and toner, you deserve to have a bounty of choice. Our sensitive-skin products are packed with vitamins, plant oils, herbs and flower extracts to bring the nourishment of the natural world to your skin.

When you have sensitive skin, it's important to keep products on hand to calm it down. Why not try one of our soothing serums, balms or creams? Fight the attack of pollutants, allergens and the elements with ingredients like sea aster, wild oat, lavender, echinacea and raspberry extract. Our products are chosen with care from trusted brands, to treat your skin with the gentle touch it needs.

Sensitive skin can be dry, oily or combination type. No matter what your skin needs, you can find something to suit. Dry skin types might favour a nourishing serum, while oily types might prefer a light cream to maintain hydration without overloading the skin. Combination types can go wild with a wide range of skincare solutions.

Organic, natural ingredients are heaven for sensitive skin. With plants like chamomile, rosehip, wild oats and orange blossom, you can give your skin a touch of springtime. Would you prefer regenerating oils, soothing creams, nourishing serums or invigorating facial scrubs? Whatever your desire, we have natural and organic products from a host of well-trusted brands.

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