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There’s nothing more beneficial (or elusive) than a good night’s sleep. Not only can the amount of sleep you get on a nightly basis affect the quality of your day, it can also directly contribute to a huge range of variables. These include weight, your skin, digestion, mental health and many more. 

Wanting to improve the sleep quality of the everyday Australian woman, the best friend duo behind sleep care brand The Goodnight Co put their heads together. One common thread that emerged was the benefits of sleeping on silk, and so, silk sleep aids made up some of the first products in their range. From silk pillowcases to eye masks and more, the positive effects of sleeping on silk are practically endless. 

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase, especially made of breathable 22 momme mulberry silk like the brand uses, has an array of benefits. Sick of waking up with a face full of creases? Well, you should be more than just annoyed--this phenomenon is also affecting the elasticity in your skin, and contributing to premature ageing signs. Now that we’ve scared you silly, we’re here to make it all better with the knowledge that silk pillowcases don’t have the same effect. Keep your youth and your sanity, all thanks to silk. Another key advantage of sleeping on silk is actually for your hair. Regular, cotton pillowcases tend to muss or tangle your locks, whereas silk is far gentler. Breakage or damage will be minimised, leaving you with perfectly coiffed tresses upon waking up.

Whether you’re a busy parent, full-time worker or simply don’t have enough hours in the day, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. The team behind The Goodnight Co are here to tell you to choose sleep, making it a priority in your life to reap the subsequent benefits. Having experienced the side effects of sleepless nights themselves, The Goodnight Co’s founders decided to branch out after the success of their silk items. The range now also includes sleep mists, roll-on essential oils and more to help you unlock the best sleep ever. 

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to brighter eyes, fresher skin and a new lease on the day with the products from The Goodnight Co! Whether you opt for a luxurious silk pillowcase, a new eye mask or something scented and soothing to spur on some quality rest, we guarantee you’ll never want to go without again. Shop The Goodnight Co today with lookfantastic Australia, your official stockist. We offer free Australia-wide delivery on all orders over $50, plus select Afterpay at checkout to shop now and pay later!

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