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Do you love the look of a sheer, natural-looking wash of colour on your lips, or a smooth, moisturised finish? Well, look no further than our wide range of lip protection & balms! Designed to enhance your natural beauty while protecting your sensitive skin from dryness, irritation and environmental damage, lip balms are an essential part of every beauty lover's daily makeup routine.

We stock lip balms, sticks and ointments from several leading brands in the skincare and makeup world, including PIXI, Lanolips, Clinique, ESPA and more.

If you're looking for pure moisture and hydration with a slightly subtle sheen, try a transparent lip balm infused with naturally nourishing botanicals. To soothe, protect and condition your lips, choose a deeply hydrating balm imbued with high-quality natural ingredients like mango, pomegranate and grapefruit oil.

If you'd prefer a more dramatic, vibrant look that's still suitable for everyday wear, try a glossy balm stick to hydrate your lips with just the right level of colour payoff. Choose a balm stick infused with natural hydration agents like shea butter and Vitamin E to soothe and protect your lips from environmental damage.

To keep your lips safe from the sun's harsh UV rays, try a deep-conditioning, SPF-imbued tinted lip ointment. Ointments enriched with coconut oil, beeswax, lanolin and other natural moisturisers will keep your lips supple, safe from the sun and looking healthy all day long.

If you struggle with excess oiliness, try an oil-free formula to keep your lips hydrated without leaving a sticky or greasy film.

Whether you're new to makeup or have been in the game a while, lip balms are an essential addition to anyone's beauty routine. Compactly sized and perfect for storing in your purse or handbag, keep your favourite lip balm by your side all day, every day to maintain smooth, supple and healthy lips.

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