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The original idea for the Tangle Teezer came to a leading London hairstylist, Shaun P, in 2003 whilst working in a salon. This lightbulb moment quickly turned into a global sensation and Tangle Teezer has now sold over 50 million hairbrushes around the world.

With 30 years of experience under his belt, Shaun P noticed a gap in the haircare market for a quick and easy way to detangle knots. Many standard hairbrushes are too rough on hair and can cause hair breakage by tugging and pulling hair. After extensive research, development and refinement, and some rejection along the way, the original Tangle Teezer brush was released in 2007 and become an overnight sensation.

After the success of their original brush, Tangle Teezer realised they had just started to revolutionise the hair care and brush industry. They continued to develop and release a number of ground-breaking brushes, including brushes designed for wet hair, brushes that can be used to blow dry hair and brushes they are ideal for travelling. Each and every Tangle Teezer brush is made with their exceptional patented teeth technology which you won't be able to find on any other hairbrush in the world.

Loved by hairstylists and customers alike, Tangle Teezer have truly changed the hair care game. By gently easing tangles out of your hair, Tangle Teezer helps keep your hair in the best condition possible and reduces breakages and damage to your hair. Tangle Teezer brushes are suitable for all hair types but are particularly beneficial for individuals with dyed, bleached or damaged hair due to their gentle design.

If you want to try the brush that has got the whole world talking, browse our selection of Tangle Teezer products today.

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