Face Powders

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Far more than simply a concealer and method of fixing face colour in place, face powders have the capacity to absolutely transform your look. Created by leading manufacturers such as Illamasqua, PIXI, Clinique and INIKA, each face powder in our range offers superb coverage as well as a number of other benefits. Available in a good selection of colours (including translucent powders for a natural look), face powder is a make-up essential which can also protect and nourish.

Face powder has a key role to play in providing the smooth, matte finish your make-up needs. Intended to "set" foundation, concealer and other cosmetics in place, face powder helps to reduce shine, as well as helps your make-up look great for longer. Many face powders also include a sunscreen, reducing the risk of UV damage.

If you suffer from rosacea, sun spots, unwanted pigmentation or similar blemishes, a high-quality face powder can provide a high level of coverage. Light enough for use on delicate or problem skin, face powder has a protective effect as well as a concealing one.

Have you considered a mineral face powder? Made from natural minerals which are vegan, cruelty free and highly effective, a mineral face powder is suitable for skin of all ages and types.

Cover up and protect out and about! When you opt for a premium face powder, easy application and an attractive presentation for your powder come as standard. Many powders are packaged in spill-proof pots which are perfect to carry in a handbag or cosmetics purse.

Face powder can be used as a topcoat for your usual face make-up, or on its own to enhance the tone and clarity of natural skin. Suitable for use all year round, powder is a versatile, attractive addition to any make-up collection.

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