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Founded in 1995, GlamPalm was the first company to use ceramic plates in its hair styling products. Considered to be pioneers in the industry, the brand has made styling hair at home safe and easy, allowing consumers to straighten their locks without causing long-lasting damage.

Committed to upholding health and safety standards, the research and development team behind GlamPalm works tirelessly to create eco-friendly and health-conscious tools. Each ceramic plate is infused with rare Healing Stone™ Technology, which minimises the damage heat can cause to hair strands. Sourced from mountains in South Korea, this healing stone has been used in Eastern medicine for nearly 1000 years and thanks to its smoothness, prevents pulling, snags and breakages.

Not only do GlamPalm products prevent damage, but they also provide a range of other benefits, including touchable health, visible gloss and non-toxicity to prevent skin irritation. What's more, GlamPalm's straighteners and hairdryers heat up quickly, reaching temperatures as high as 450° in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, Vibrato technology massages your strands, making the transfer of heat from the tool to your hair much faster, while hair only needs to be held in place for a few seconds to achieve the desired finish.

Today, GlamPalm continues to revolutionise hair tool standards and is popular with professional stylists such as Lee Rittiner. With clients including Diane Keaton, Mila Kunis and Kristen Wiig, you can rest assured that GlamPalm is dedicated to the overall health of the planet, with all parts and technology sourced using sustainable methods.

The selection of hairdryers and straighteners at lookfantastic, which are available in a range of sizes to suit different hair types, are lightweight and utilise no-filter-design motors for a quieter and faster styling time. Browse our GlamPalm tools today.

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