Dr. Hauschka

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Dr Hauschka is a brand formulated by the partnership of Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund in 1967 to create an all-natural skincare range. Building on Hauschka’s 1935 medical innovations, the range boasts a list of alcohol-free ingredients that have led it to become an internationally recognised skincare brand.

The philosophy central to their range has always been simplicity. Their vegan formulas ditch the harsh, damaging chemicals of yesteryear for synthetic emulsifiers that moisturise, revitalise, and refresh the skin. From their Hair Oils to their Rose Deodorant (both of which are classic fan favourites), the principle is the same and extends right across their range.

In 1999, they took this mantra of kindness to the skin through alcohol-free products one step further, creating a range of skin-kind makeup. Fragranced with exotic, tropical scents and natural oils, the minimalist approach to their line makes it a big hit with ‘no makeup’ makeup gurus. Their Translucent Bronzing Tint applies as a gentle, glowing touch that not only beautifies but also protects the skin.

Used together these cruelty-free products are unrelenting in their pursuit of more natural, kinder skincare. At LOOKFANTASTIC, we are proud to be an official stockist of the brand across Australia.

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