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Everybody deserves to be pampered, which is why body care gifts & packs make such great presents and treats. Whether you're looking for the perfect present for a friend, relation or colleague, or simply want to enjoy a little indulgence because you thoroughly deserve it, our carefully chosen collection of gorgeous gift packs will do the trick.

The gift sets we have available are intended to do far more than simply provide physical benefits: a treat for the senses, their delicious fragrance and attractive appearance deliver a sensual experience that brings pleasure to the user. Many of our products are infused with aromatherapy oils, proven to promote relaxation, motivation, focus and an elevated mood.

Designed to provide a versatile present solution, our gift sets are suitable for almost any age, as well as any skin type. Easy to apply, quickly absorbed and helping to heal and nurture the skin, each item in our body care packs provides a positive benefit in an accessible format. The wide appeal of our gift sets makes them a great choice as a "just in case" present, as well as appropriate for a secret Santa or similar gifting occasion.

We showcase gift and presents from top brands such as Dermalogica, Moroccanoil, Urban Rituelle and ESPA. With present sets on offer that target specific areas of the body (such as hand or lip care), as well as generic products that are suitable for whole-body care, we have pamper sets suitable for all. Don't forget that our essential oil gift sets can be used with a suitable base oil to create delicious moisturisers, hair treatments, massage oils and aromatherapy treatments.

Featuring plant-based ingredients and an ethical stance which puts animals and the planet first, we invite our customers to take advantage of our scrumptiously decadent gift packs.

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