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Over time, it's all too easy for harsh chemicals, air pollution, over styling or health factors to cause an oil imbalance in the hair. Excess hair oil can leave hair dank, dull and lifeless, as well as increase the chances of scalp itching and dandruff. Luckily, products which are specifically formulated for use with oily hair can help. Shop our collection of shampoos, conditioners, serums and treatments to find an oily hair solution that works.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they discover they have oily hair is to try and strip the excess oil out with stronger soaps and detergents. Not only can this cause scalp irritation, it also ends up making the problem worse: in response to oil being removed, follicles go into overdrive, creating larger quantities of oil than previously in an attempt to re-moisturise the dry, sebum-stripped hair. We offer products that gently re-balance oily hair, nourishing and protecting every strand.

Ingredients such as jojoba, jujube bark, chamomile, wheat and rosemary contain compounds that are proven to restore oily hair. If your hair has become oily as a reaction to colouring or tinting, compounds that detoxify and remove any lingering traces of dye from the skin can work wonderfully well. Try a purifying or scalp care product to enjoy optimal results.

As you would expect from one of the leading online providers of hair care and beauty products, our oily hair products are free of unpleasant additives (such as parabens, formaldehyde and sulphates). Planet and animal friendly, these are hair care products that use proven plant-extracts to deliver the results your hair deserves.

Over time, a regular hair care schedule using high-grade products from trusted names such as Christophe Robin, Paul Mitchell and Grow Gorgeous can help restore oily hair to its former lustrous glory.

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