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Tweezerman beauty tools are industry-leading, renowned for their fine engineering, research-based innovations and superior quality. An Australian favourite, this New York-based company launched over 40 years ago with a solutions-focused engineering approach to creating a better tool for the common first aid issue of removing splinters.

Their debut product, the Splintertweeze, offered a unique grip-enhanced design for improved fine control and precision placement. It didn’t take long for beauty buffs to realise that the Splintertweeze was also ideal for defining a brow or smoothing away the upper lip for the perfect makeup canvass.

In 2001, Tweezerman turned their attention to hair removal, introducing their most famous product, the Slant Tweezers. Applying the same solutions-focussed engineering approach the company employed in designing the Splintertweeze, Tweezerman innovated with hand-filed precision-aligned angled tips, explicitly designed to meet the skin at the optimum angle for hair root removal. This design, combined with Tweezerman enhanced grip and control, have earned the Slant Tweezers multiple industry awards and a permanent place in every makeup pro’s kit.

As an official stockist, we also carry Tweezerman manicure, pedicure and lash curling tools, designed with the same concerns for ergonomics and quality materials as their tweezers range. Shop today and see the difference a Tweezerman can make.

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