SPF 30 Sunscreen

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Sun protection is a vital part of your beauty routine that can often be overlooked. At lookfantastic, we want your skin to be safe from the damaging effect of the sun's rays. To help, we've curated a fantastic collection of SPF 30 skincare products from a host of well-respected brands. All our suncare treatments have SPF 30 ratings for maximum skin protection.

Some of your favourite brands offer incredible SPF 30 makeup products for you to enjoy. From Dermalogica to Bondi Sands, you can feel safe that your skin health is protected by these reputable names. Primers, lotions, sunscreen, SPF foundation and SPF breathable camouflage are just some of the options you can choose from.

Sunscreen is the often-missed step in a complete beauty routine. It should go underneath all other products so that it can sink into the skin fully. For our customers in Australia, this is especially important! Try out our SPF 30 lotions from great brands such as Bondi Sands, Zelens or REN. Your skin will thank you!

For those that love to combine SPF 30 protection with a flawless coverage, we have products from brands such as Lycogel and Becca that give you the best of both worlds. Mattifying and beautifying, these products avoid shine and give you a stunning look.

Your face isn't the only thing that needs shielding from the sun... Try one of our products for the lips, eyes and hands. From reputable beauty brands like Dermalogica, Lanolips and Guinot, you can make sure the effects of sun damage pass you by.

Priming your face before you apply makeup is a key step in ensuring smooth, even coverage that lasts for longer. Finding a primer that includes SPF 30 means you're set for sun protection without adding extra sunscreen. Our specialist brands like Dermalogica offer luxurious primers with complete SPF 30 protection.

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