Blonde Shampoo

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Whether you're a natural or from a bottle, the first time you see that vibrant blonde hair in the mirror you realise how important it is to keep your shade looking as luminous and healthy as possible. By choosing the right products you can keep your hair bright and shiny with body and bounce.

Whether you are a natural blonde or get some assistance from hair colour, it's easy for blonde hair to pick up brassy tones from the water, cleaning products or other contaminants. In order to keep your blonde as eye-catching as possible the right shampoos and conditioners can help to tone down and neutralise any yellow tones. Protective products can also help to minimise the impact of activities like swimming in chlorinated pools, which can play havoc with blonde hair.

Blonde hair which has been dyed often needs a little extra TLC from moisturising products, including oils and masks which help to add in that much-needed moisturiser and keep your hair looking and feeling soft and healthy. Finding the right styling products can help to prevent additional damage from heat styling and ensure that your hair looks exactly the way that you want. Often you can find products from a similar range to the range that made your hair colour, which are designed to enhance and optimise your hair colour.

They say being blonde isn't just a hair colour, it's also a way of life. We kind of agree. We know that when your hair looks great, you also feel great which is why we have a great range of products on offer for blondes of all hair tones from warm honey blondes to icy platinum queens, to help you keep your hair colour looking its best no matter what.

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