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Sensori+ is an Australian brand that believes quality skincare can be achieved using a delicate balance of science and nature. This philosophy is seen across its entire range of face and body products, with pure ingredients and safe formulas that are also kind to the environment.

Cult favourites include the line of fragrances that started it all. The Advanced Detoxifying Mood Lifting Swan River Sunshine Mist encapsulates the natural scents of Perth in a bottle. By mimicking the naturality of air, Sensori+ developed this range to act as an alternative to the conventionally synthetic ‘masks’ that pollute the atmosphere with chemical compounds. Naturally sourced to capture the unique and aromatic scents of the Australian environment, Sensori+ has proven itself to be a modern, forward thinker.

Working with scientific laboratories, Sensori+ only uses all-natural ingredients to create light formulas for its products, including body washes, moisturisers, creams and more. Inspired by the Australian landscape, their plant-derived ChloresPURE technology works in tandem with scented blends such as ylang ylang and bergamot to create an indulgent and sensual experience. At LOOKFANTASTIC, we are excited to be official stockists of Sensori+ products in Australia.
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