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It's not just lips which benefit from a balm, other parts of the body also need some special attention from time-to-time. Our collection of body balms have been created to provide the intensive nourishment and moisturising which vulnerable elbows, knees and hands need to stay looking their best. Ideal for keeping areas prone to dryness smooth and soft, balm is also perfect for dry patches or to relieve itching and redness.

Balms come in several different formulations: some tackle problem skin in a number of ways; others have been designed to provide an effective solution to a particular issue. Typically, body balms can help reduce skin inflammation, which means tackling the causes of chapped, irritated skin. They also work to replenish vital nutrients, providing skin cells with compounds that boost renewal and regeneration.

Two of the most important functions of a balm is to moisturise and hydrate. Everything from frequent showers through to sun exposure, wind, rain and central heating can cause skin to become dry and unbalanced. Balms enable the skin to retain moisture (hydration), as well as assist in restoring the natural balance of skin oils (moisturising).

Balms from premium brands such as Endota, Pommade Divine, Christophe Robin and La Roche-Posay contain top-quality ingredients which are proven to work. Compounds such as Prickly Pear seed oil, Shea butter, Rosemary Leaf oil and a variety of other plant-based ingredients all have a demonstrably beneficial effect on the skin.

Easy to apply and quickly absorbed, body balms are ideal for use after the shower, as well as last thing at night, when they will have an opportunity to penetrate deep into the skin. If you notice a dry spot, balms can often provide rapid relief. Shop our range now for high-grade, plant-based, hypo-allergenic balms that are kind to skin and to the planet.

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