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Want to rock a beautiful bronzed bod come rain or shine? Here at lookfantastic, we want you to look your best year-round, without worrying about those UV rays, or shelling out on a tropical holiday! And with our great selection of self tanning products, it's never been easier.

We all love the sun, but too much time tanning outside can come with its side effects. Our self-tanning solutions are fast, easy, and versatile. Lookfantastic's range includes various self-tanning lotions, tanning mousses, tanning waters, and much more, from your favourite brands like St Tropez, Bondi Sands, and Vita Liberata.

Choose from instant tan that will give you sun-kissed skin in seconds, to more gradual and subtle tan that will develop over the coming days or weeks. We've got a wide selection that can be seamlessly applied for supple, smoother skin that feels as good as it looks.

As for putting it on, it couldn't be simpler. Our range of application mitts and our products' clear instructions make the whole process a breeze, even if it's your first time. There are options for all skin tones, and you can choose just how light or dark you want your tan to be. Why do people go to the beach, again?

It's not just about looks. Our products are packed with gentle, nourishing ingredients that will help keep your skin hydrated and moisturised while that natural, glowing tan is developing. Quick-drying and non-sticky, you won't have to worry about awkward stains, either. Many products are also vegan friendly, so you can look your best both effortlessly and ethically.

Like the sound of our quick and easy self-tanning solutions that you don't even need to leave the house for? We're sure you'll find something that suits your needs, so shop the range today.

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