Pre-Tan Preparation

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To get that perfect salon-quality tan every time, you'll need to add a pre-tan preparation product to your routine. At lookfantastic, we stock a range of skin-perfecting pre-tan preppers from leading beauty brands including The Ordinary, St. Tropez, Medik8 and ModelCo.

To perfectly prep your skin ready for the smoothest possible tan application, try an exfoliating body scrub. Buff away any dead skin cells, build-up and dirt to reveal a soft, silky base for a long-lasting, even tan. Choose a product infused with natural moisturisers, oils and vitamins to hydrate and condition your skin.

The next step is to moisturise. Before you tan, moisturise any particularly dry areas like your knees, elbows, hands and feet to prevent patchiness and cracking. Try one of our hydrating creams to smooth, moisturise and perfect your skin. Continue using your moisturiser after tanning for long-lasting wear, a vibrant glow and flake protection. Your skin will gradually and naturally fade instead of cracking.

If you love natural tanning but want to avoid sun damage, try one of our pre-tan accelerating or protecting lotions. Designed to invigorate melanin production and ensure a fast-developing, healthy and deep tan, these lotions also help to protect you from early skin ageing.

For an extra layer of sun protection, try a specially-formulated broad-spectrum sunscreen. Stay sun safe by strengthening your natural skin barrier and delaying signs of ageing. Choose a product imbued with natural oils, vitamins and antioxidants to boost skin health, hydrate and nourish.

To keep your face safe from sun exposure without oiliness or greasiness, try one of our expertly designed mattifying face sunscreens. You'll enjoy high-strength sun protection without any sticky residue.

If you're ready to boost your tanning game and achieve an unbeatable, long-lasting bronzed glow, get started today with one of lookfantastic's quality pre-tan preparation products.

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