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Looking for a hair transformation? 12Reasons can help. 12Reasons works by addressing 12 hair concerns and nourishes your hair from root to tip. They carefully formulate hair products for multiple different hair types so whether your hair is damaged from bleach, frizzy in humidity or dry and brittle, 12Reasons can help.

So, what are the 12 reasons why you should buy 12Reasons? 1. Cleanse - their products gently cleanse your hair without stripping your hair of its natural oils. 2. Detangle - by detangling your hair you reduce breakages. 3. Colour protection - 12Reasons products clean your hair without affecting your hair colour. 4. Rich nourishment - each 12Reasons product delivers intense nourishment from root to tip. 5. Anti-frizz - with these products you can battle humidity safe in the knowledge your hair will stay sleek and frizz-free. 6. Banish product build-up - styling products can build up in your roots and cause your hair to look greasy and dull. 7. Deep moisture - 12Reasons ensure your parched hair is well hydrated. 8. Add shine - after first use, 12Reasons will ensure your hair has a glossy, glass-like shine. 9. Smooth - banish flyaways and welcome smooth waves with 12Reasons products. 10. Nurture damaged hair - whether your hair is exposed to heated tools or chemical treatments, 12Reasons can help to heal dry and damaged hair. 11. Manageability - with 12Reasons creating multiple different hairstyles is effortless. 12. Lightweight - although 12Reasons products deliver all the above benefits, it won't weigh your hair down.

Oil infused shampoo, conditioners, serums and masks can help to penetrate hydration deep into hair follicles and seal moisture into the hair. In 12Reasons products range you'll find argan, marula and keratin oil, along with multiple other nourishing ingredients. They also have a range of haircare made specifically for bleached hair containing purple pigments that help to banish brassy and yellow hair tones.

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