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NAK is a staple Aussie owned and manufactured haircare brand that has been providing hair with an assortment of different shampoo, conditioning, and styling products since 2003.

Armed with a blend of both science and succulent, natural ingredients such as coconut, rice, aloe and pear, the brand is dedicated to promoting Natural Australian Kulture (NAK) worldwide. Each ingredient is cultivated carefully and is only used when approved by scientists to comply with EU guidelines.

NAK products invigorate and replenish hair, helping it look its silky best. They aid hairdressers in salon life, but also educate them to fully extract the best out of every single product. By also ridding the use of sulphates and parabens in each product, NAK has the perfect image of your new ‘do at heart.

NAK is a brand steeped in ethical and green values. The use of safe and proven ingredients in all NAK products (such as cult classics like the Replends Crème Leave-In Moisturiser) is an absolute given. They firmly believe that no animal should be sacrificed in the pursuit of healthy hair, which is why they are also against animal testing. Try the range at official stockists LOOKFANTASTIC.

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